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Review: I Am Divine, Out In Cinemas Now

A new documentary about the life of legendary drag perfomer, Divine, is out in cinemas today.

Girls On Film: The First Date Review

Looking for quality lesbian films? Check out this great collection of short films.

Dattch's Top 3 Tips For Online Dating

Santana Lopez has had it with your bad online dating. Get it together, people.

My Awkward Straight Date

Once upon a time, Emily dated boys. She was awkward.

Interview With Stacie Passon, Director Of Lesbian Movie Concussion

We interviewed director Stacie Passon about her upcoming feature debut film, the lesbian centric Concussion.

What Is Lesbian Bed Death And How Can You Stop It?

You're not doomed to a sexless life!

Mini Lez Movie Review: Concussion

Check out our mini review of Concussion, seen at the BFI Flare festival.

Should We Care About Ellen Page Coming Out?

People are discussing whether or not Ellen Page's coming out is 'news' and if we should care about it.

I've Been Out For 2 Years And I've Learned...

Emily tells us what she's learned about herself and life since she came out two years ago.

Why British Girls Love American Girls

Emily tells OutAbroad why she loves American girls so much.

Why Can't I Keep Secrets?

You didn't hear it from us but...Emily struggles with keeping secrets.

Coming Out To The Flatmates

Emily's new flatmates don't know she's a lesbian, will she be upfront and honest and just tell them? Nah, probably not.